Steve and Santa

Steve and Santa

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Krupmas 2012

I have no right to rain on anyone's Christmas but I have to imagine there's a huge feeling of despair out there. The events of the last couple of months, the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and horror of Sandy Hook, have most certainly taken their psychic toll (let's not even get into the nasty election, the fiscal cliff, Syria, the Congo, Israel-Palestine, etc.). I, for one, have been extremely slow to pick up on any Christmas Spirit this year.

Many of you know that I have always been a fairly enthusiastic supporter of most things Christmas: The tree, gift-giving (and, sure, receiving), Peace on Earth, and, of course, compiling well over a decade's worth of Krupmas Christmas tapes and CDs (as I've said before, "It takes a Jew"). I didn't think I'd be up for the comp this year but then I thought why should I let the bastards get us down? I think getting a tree helped turn me around (what is it about putting up a freshly cut Christmas tree?). At any rate, I decided that I at least needed as much cheer as I could get and putting together and listening to these comps have always brought me a kind of twisted joy.

I have personally decided to make one major change this year: Enough with Stuff. As R.E.M. said in "Finest Worksong", "What we want and what we need has been confused." Ann and I actually stopped exchanging gifts a few years ago. We already have everything we "need" and we're running out of room. I'm sure my clients will be fine with not receiving something they probably don't even want (let alone need) featuring my company's logo stamped on it. And my family, which is spread out all over the U.S., can feel free to talk smack about me during their Christmas feasts.

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work on the promotion of the 12.12.12 benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy victims. It feels strange to profit from that event so, to bring this whole thing full circle, I will be donating to the following charities/causes in lieu of this year's "stuff":

The Robin Hood Foundation

Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims Relief Fund


The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

(You can click any of the above links for more information)

"But hey, enough of my yakkin'...Whaddaya say? Let's boogie!" - Marty DiBergi, filmmaker

Once again, I'm going strictly digital this year (sorry, no disc for you). For the mp3 option go here to download to your computer:
mp3 Version

To make your own CD, go here for the higher quality aiff download (I'm sad to say there was no time for individual tracks this year):
"High Quality" CD Version

And here's a Bonus Link of the Ghosts of Krupmas Past for the Newbies:
mp3s of Past Years' Mixes

(Warning: All links will expire in 14 days)

Merry Christmas, Merry Hanukkah, and a Happy & Healthy New Year everyone! Let's hope 2013 leaves 2012 in the dust.

- Your pal Krup

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  1. Go Krupts! (and Ann)
    No tree here, no gifts for 20 years... really like and love each other and really care. Solidardinoff!
    Best to all!